Saturday, 31 May 2014

Keep Calm + Make Bento

Just want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend :)! If you want to find out more about these 6 bentos above, here are the links:

And...recently I also just changed the cover of my bento cookbook. I like the new cover much better and if you should buy the book in about 3-5 working days, you will get the book with the new cover instead of the old one. Which one do you like better?

If you want to read more about my newly published bento cookbook, find all about it HERE. It's available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Fishpond and Powell's. Or simply search for my book on other online retailers, you might find it there too :)! My book is currently out of stock in some of these retailers, but they will be available again within a few days, so stay tuned :)!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you :)! I like the new cover much better, at least it reflects my book more than the previous cover :).

  2. You've done it again--blown me away with your creativity

  3. Congratulations on your book, your bento all look wonderful! I like the old cover but from a publisher point of view I think that the new one has more selling potential.


    1. Really :)? It's good to know that you like the old cover better - this means that the old cover cannot be that bad ;) - but it just looks too gloomy imho and doesn't suit my book content that much. Lovely to see you here again, Alessandra :)!


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