Hello World! I have been MIA for some time I know ;). My last post was written almost a year ago and a lot of things have happened, but I have never had the intention to completely neglect my blog, so here I am again ;).

I have been very fortunate that now I have a job that I could only dream of in the past. This job is also the reason why I have not been so active anymore in the blogsphere. In the past I made a lot of bentos as a creative outlet as I didn't have the chance to really express myself in my previous job. However, my current job allows me to be creative whenever I want, or to be a couch potato if I feel like it ;), so making stylized bento boxes is no longer a necessity like in the past for my current job has fulfilled this need. However, I still think making cute bento lunches is super cool and fun. So, I can assure you that I will still post new bento pictures from time to time in the future.

The theme of today's bento is FRUIT SAFARI. I bet you're all wondering what the heck is "Fruit Safari". Well, it's the name of a newly published MATCH 3 GAME. Actually, it's a game project I have been involved in :)! No, this game is not something that I do professionally, I actually do this for fun during my spare time together with a talented programmer, THOMAS WIEGOLD, who previously have produced some cool mobile games for Windows Phone. I myself had never been involved in any game projects before "Fruit Safari" and got into this project by chance. I am not even really a gamer, but I find the idea of creating a game very fascinating! I am responsible for the art for the game and Thomas is responsible for the game mechanics, but even though I am "only" responsible for the art, it's actually much more complicated than it sounds. There are so many different aspects to think about when you create/design a game, especially because we didn't have a clear concept in the beginning and kept changing things along the way. But it's a super interesting project and I have learnt a lot about game making from this experience.

If you like games like "Candy Crush Saga" or "Bejeweled", you might like "Fruit Safari" too! We both would be very happy if you would check out our game and give it a try :).  Here are the main points about "Fruit Safari":
  • "Fruit Safari" is a  FREE MATCH 3 PUZZLE GAME
  • Currently there are 64 LEVELS (but we will make more)
  • "Fruit Safari" is a GAME FOR KIDS & ADULTS alike
  • Available on ANDROID DEVICES (and soon on WINDOWS PHONE)
Check out the trailer and see what the game's like!

As you probably have noticed from the picture and trailer above, the main characters from "Fruit Safari" are Leander, a blue lion with big, bright red mane, who is basically your tour guide in the game, and Ollie the Wise, a cute purple owl who knows everything about the game and will explain you how to play the game when you touch him. Ollie is also the highlight in today's bento - unfortunately the owls I made don't resemble Ollie that much, but the Ollie look-alikes still look pretty adorable, don't they ;)?

The bento box is filled with Ollie rice balls, fried chicken, cucumber slices, grape tomato halves, boiled egg, radish, chopped carrot, butterfly carrot, cheese flower and lettuce & parsley for garnish.

I am planning to make another "Fruit Safari" themed bento that would also include Leander the blue lion in the near future. So please stay tuned and in the mean time, if you would like to find out more about "Fruit Safari", please check out the FRUIT SAFARI WEBSITE and FACEBOOK PAGE.

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  1. good to see your update ^_^ Lovely and cute bento as always!

  2. So cute!

    And what sold me on that game is a "no in-apps purchase." I don't mind trying a demo of an app and buying a full version app if I like it, but micro transactions and ads are the devil! It's installing on my phone now!

    1. Hi Grace,

      Thank you for your visit and your kind words :)! That's great that you're installing the game, thank you :)!! Please let me know if you like the game or if you think there are anything we should improve :).

  3. Welcome back kakak CG, yeaaayyyy!!! Miss your signature colorful and detailed bento ^^. All the best for the game. You indeed have a cool job, and the best part is that you love it and having fun :D

    1. Hi Ta :)! Thank you! Making games is actually not my day job (I can't code ^^...!), I do something else professionally ;). I only made Fruit Safari for fun and I only did the graphics not the programming...;).

  4. no wonder your bentos're always awsome, you 'r indeed talented in art... thumbs up