Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Ebi Fry Bento

I made this bento around last week. This time the bento box consists of steamed brown rice sprinkled with toasted sesamed seeds, Japanese-style fried shrimps (ebi fry - check out the recipe here), stir-fried green beans seasoned with soy sauce and Japanese seven-spice powder and some fresh sweet pepper sticks.

Don't forget to drizzle the ebi fry with mayonnaise and tonkatsu sauce, these two condiments really bring out the beautiful flavour of the fried shrimps...!

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  1. Most of your bento are so unik & beautiful. So proud of you and I'm sure your love ones will enjoy every of your bento made from the bottom of your heart!

  2. Looks so yummy, makes me hungry.

  3. Mal wieder ein tolles Foto^^

  4. Perfectly straight ebi fry CG! :-) It's my son's favorite!

  5. I don't have any bento box and don't even cook bentos, but I like this one a lot ! It looks really yummy (these ingredients match very well according to me) and simple to do ^^ By the way, one more question about the glutinous coconut balls : do you use the entire egg, or just an egg yolk ? Thanks !

  6. @ Helena- thanks :). I made the coconut balls years ago, but I remember that I used the entire egg. Good luck :)!

  7. It's so simple yet so delicious~ Yummy!
    I miss your charabens, though!!:)


  8. Ahhh now that looks like a bento that will justify eating ebi fry (apart from it being tasty, haha)! A nice balance between healthy and indulgence.
    (PS don't feel obliged to comment on my blog in return, I appreciate your comments, but I'm honestly visiting your blog because I like to! :))


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