Sunday, 1 July 2012

Braised Duck Bento

I ordered a new vegetable cutter last week. I own several butterfly cutters already but this one now belongs to one of my most favourite cutters ever because it's so pretty...!! It's also quite small, perfect for bento making!

This simple bento contains delicious braised duck breast which I cooked in soy sauce/oyster sauce/cinnamon mixture for an hour before I cut it into thick slices. I also included half a scotch egg - my scotch egg is made differently to the usual scotch eggs which are covered in bread crumbs and deep fried. My version is healthier and much simpler to make as I only used soft boiled egg which I wrapped with seasoned ground meat and then pan-fried without oil in a non-stick pan.

I finished up the look by adding some carrot butterflies, cucumber leaves, tomberries (miniature tomatoes), lettuce border, parsley, a piece of radish and a piece of blackberry.

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  1. beautiful bento... ^^ tomberries itu bisa dimakan? how does it taste?

  2. I love your new cutter! It makes the bento look so elegant!

  3. My daughter loves butterfly! This cutter seems like a good one for me to get once she starts her lunch in school!

  4. Lots of inspiring ideas - I have talked a little about you blog on mine - hope that's OK!

  5. Wow...another beautiful creation from you! I was showing it to my girl just now and she was just so impressed by all the pictures. Now I hope she makes for me...hehe

  6. The butterfly carrots look so cute!


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