Star Wars & Lego Bento

This bento was requested by a friend of mine, Ms Baggins, for her anniversary with her fiance, who loves Star Wars and Lego. Normally I wouldn't make a Star Wars themed bento myself, since I am not into Star Wars and know almost nothing about it (I am sure you have noticed that most of my bentos are very girly and cute ;)). But since it's a special occasion for both of them, I tried my best in making this bento, even though in my opinion my Yoda resembles Doby the elf from Harry Potter more than Yoda. I slaved away in the kitchen for almost six hours since I made everything from scratch, no store-bought frozen foods or pre-cooked meals this time - so this bento has basically made history in my (well, short) bento making 'career' for being the most elaborate bento ever made, for I had never spent so many hours in the kitchen just for preparing one bento ;). But it was worth the effort and time because the lovely Ms Baggins was very happy with the bento fortunately, and she totally got the Yoda (and the mini nori seaweed cutouts as well, even though they're a bit messy) :).

Anyway, I included quite a variation of food this time:
  1. Yoda - made out of rice coloured with nori seaweed sprinkles (furikake) and cheese for the eyes.
  2. Lego blocks - ham sandwiches (white) and cheddar cheese blocks (orange)
  3. Star Wars mini sandwiches - decorated with Yoda, Darth Vader & droid (forgot his name) nori cutouts
  4. Tomato/imitation crab/ green onions rolled omelet (tamagoyaki)
  5. Green beans/carrot/shimeji mushroom pork rolls glazed in teriyaki sauce
  6. Salami/green bean flowers
  7. Scotch eggs
  8. Maki sushi filled with pan fried chicken schnitzel, cucumber, lettuce and mayo
  9. Cherry tomatoes
  10. Fruit: strawberries, tangerines, grapes
  11. Carrot butterflies
  12. Cherry tomatoes and lettuce

This bento is quite different to the other bentos I've made so far, not really my style actually, but I hope you all still enjoy looking at this Star Wars bento, maybe this is more appealing and interesting for the boys :)? Till next time!

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  1. Ms.Baggins here - it was.... incredible. K could only utter "amazing amazing amazing" lol. We almost didnt have the heart to start eating your beautiful work... thanks so much for making our 7th year anniversary a memorable one! Ms.B & K

  2. @ Ms Baggins - Thanks for the visit and I am glad you both liked it :D), totally worth the effort then :)!

  3. I already commented at FB but I can't helped it not to comment again CG ^_^

    You're totally AMAZING!!! XOXO

  4. Awesome! It is too beautiful to eat :)