Saturday, 5 October 2013

Penguin & Totoro Bento

Ms Baggins commisioned me to do another bento, and this time for her sister's birthday. She didn't really give me a theme this time and just asked me to make something cute and perhaps with some penguins or totoro. This is the bento I came up with and I just hope that her sister would like it...!

I made two penguin onigiris, two quail egg penguins and two quil egg totoros. I also made some tamagoyaki chicks and decorated the box with blanched brocolli florets, fried tom yam flavoured fishcakes, cherry tomatoes, three pieces of carved radishes, blanched carrot cutouts and two pieces of cooked teddy bear shaped pasta.

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  1. Very cute and lovely looking bento. Wonderfully prepared.

  2. way too cute! love all the colors and the presentation!

  3. Love love love loving it!!! The quail totoro so cute ^_^

  4. yeah my sister couldnt stop taking pictures of individual creation... nicely made my friend... thank u so much!!!! hugs, ms baggins

  5. So very, very cute! Onigiri and tamagoyaki are delicious but decorated? Even better =)


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