What's your favourite flavoured-milk brand? Müllermilch is my favourite one currently (no, no, this is no advertisement and I don't get paid !;) - I just like the flavour!). There are many milk brands in Germany of course, and I am sure there are also other good ones beside Müllermilch, since Germany does have high-quality dairy products, but I haven't tried them yet. I have the tendency to buy the same things over and over again once I know a product is good instead of trying other brands as well - so in this area I'm not that very adventurous. But I am sure one day I'll try other flavoured-milk brands as well.

Müllermilch has various flavours - my most favourite flavour is chocolate, followed by strawberry and vanilla. There are also other flavours like banana, coffee, passionfruit and so on. But as I have mentioned before, I am just not that adventurous - For my milk and ice-cream, I normally never go beyond these three 'safe' flavours (well, except green tea or sesame for ice-cream - but they don't have these flavours in Germany ;)).

What I like about Müllermilch is, the taste is not too overpowering and sweet yet flavourful, especially when served cold. My favourite Australian milk brand is Moove. But I think Müllermilch tastes even better!

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  1. plus, the bottles look so colorful and cuteeee :)

  2. I would like to try all these. Looks good :D

  3. aduhhh susunya , g mau donk , itu yg coklat ga terlalu manis n diminum dingin asikkkk mau banget !

  4. I wish I could find them here in Hong Kong!

  5. @ Mochachocolata Rita - Yes, I know the bottles look nice too :)!

    @ Ancoo - Yeah it's such a pity, I don't think that Müllermilch import their milk to Singapore...

    @ Veny - Iya, ini susu mmg enak bgt!! Rasanya gak terlalu manis dan diminum dingin2 tuh seger bgt rasanya...

    @ Kenny T - Maybe Müllermilch should really import their milk...;)

  6. Sigh, very hard to find high quality ones here. if there are, will be so exp. Cute bottles!