Sushi Hongsam

Sushi Hongsam is a small Japanese restaurant located in Wiesbaden. The sushi chef, Hongsam An, used to work in Marriot Hotel in Frankfurt, before he opened his own restaurant. It is the only restaurant I know which offers really high quality sushi (at least in the Wiesbaden area). I am actually not very fond of eating raw fish, but the fish offered in Sushi Hongsam melts in your mouth and doesn't have a fishy smell.

Hongsam Sushi Set - € 8.90
Sushi set, salad, fried fishballs, green pickles, orange, miso soup

During lunch time (11:30 - 14:30), they offer Mittagsmenu (Lunch Menu) with very reasonable price - €12.50 is the most expensive in the menu which is Udon and Sushi set menu where you get a bowl of udon soup, a sushi set (6 hosomaki, 7 nigiri and a slice of tamagoyaki), a small portion of fried fishcakes, a small portion of Japanese pickles, salad and a slice of orange/honeydew.

Udon and Sushi Set - € 12.50

In the evening (17:30 - 23:00) the prices are higher but I think it's worth it if you think of the quality this restaurant offers. You can also order some Korean dishes here, albeit very expensive and the variety is rather small.

Beef Teriyaki Set

Stir-fried Salmon Set

Prawn Tempura maki - € 6.00

Unfortunately, if you come rather late during the lunch hour (say, 30 minutes before it closes down for the afternoon), you wouldn't be completely welcomed here. At least that's what happened to us the last two times we were there half an hour before it closed. They looked at us funny when we came in, without any greetings whatsoever and they started to clean up everything around us, making us feel that we had to quickly bolt down our food and bugger off. As a working woman, I know that having your free time is very precious, but I think in the restaurant business where customer service is very important, they should at least wait until it's time to close down before they start cleaning up the whole restaurant - if they really want to, at any rate in the closed kitchen, not right in front of our nose.

Sushi Hongsam
Friedenstra├če 15
65189 Wiesbaden

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  1. You are a Sushi fan...the noodle soup looks awesome.

  2. look so tempting! :) i love the Japanese presentation, but i actually cannot stand the raw fish :((

  3. wow...the price is really reasonable. I was not a sushi fan until last year, because my hubby love sushi, I slowly pick up his taste bud too. :-)

  4. The sushi looks really delicious and fresh.

  5. biar ga suka japanese food , saya masih bs mkn Udon atau Terriyaki he22
    tapi tetep aja demen liat poto makanan nya ..

  6. Hi there, I am new in Wiesbaden and came across your blog by chance while searching for a good Jap restaurant in Wiesbaden. Hardly come across any good ones here compared to those in Asia. Many thanks! Fr: KT