Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Cheburashka Picnic Bento

Today is Rosenmontag or Carnival Monday / Rose Monday in Germany and quite some people get day(s) off including my husband and I - the day off is the only thing I like about carnival ;).

This picnic bento has nothing to do with carnival and wasn't made to celebrate carnival either, it's just that I had a bit more time today. Most of the things were actually prepared yesterday, such as the carrot and cucumber pickles, tamagoyaki and the Japanese Hamburg steaks.

I have made a Cheburashka-themed bento in the past and since it's a quite easy character to make, I made it again today. As I have explained in my older post, Cheburashka is a tropical monkey-like creature that accidently finds his way into a grocery store in Russia (it's a Russian character). The two Cheburashkas are made out of mini Hamburg steaks (meat patties glazed with teriyaki-like sauce) and the face is made out of cheese - the facial details include cut out cheese, nori and (red) radish.

There are also some deep fried breaded shrimps, fried wiener sausages, smoked ham/string bean rolls, beef with vegetable rolls and a few pieces of maki sushi filled with fried shrimps, mayo, tamagoyaki and julienned carrots.

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  1. This looks totally delicious..


  2. Cheburashka was a character that I didn't know, another kawaiiiiiiii thing to add to the repertoire of characters that I will show the kids :-). The bento is great, as always :-)


  3. I want to go on a picnic with this one! wowzer, full of goodness.

  4. so festive and the character is so cute :)

  5. How CUTE!!! Enjoy your day off CG! I wish my picnic bento is like this... My kids will say they want to go to picnic everyday. ;-)

  6. :( No day off for us in France alas :( Oh well, I have Friday off instead - that will be fine for me :)

    Lovely little (well, not so little actually!) box to take on a picnic - looks like a fun time :)

  7. You are so happy to have had a day off! The monkeys are cute and the whole bento looks extraordinary. Very festive :-)

  8. hihihihi....i like the big ears, so cute :)


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