Yellow Chicks Babybel Bento

Ever since I made the Angry Birds bento using Babybel cheese, I have always wanted to make little chicks out of Babybel. I am lucky enough to be able to get yellow Babybel cheese as easily as the red one. I hope that one day there would be more colours offered in Germany, like green, blue or purple. I find Babybel quite versatile for bento making and it is easy to work on.

This bento is meant to be for snack, that's why it mainly consists of fruit (and cheese). I actually wanted to make a big bento today since I received  a wonderful, new bento box from CasaBento around 2 weeks ago, but in the end I decided not to do so, as the box is really quite big and I wouldn't be able to finish eating all the things inside. But next weekend when I have more motivation and energy, I will do a review on the bento box below :).

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  1. This really makes me smile!! So cheery and colorful. I love snack bentos, which is what I end up doing often. Lunch bentos are hard for me to get a photo of so early in the morning when I make them!

  2. These are so cute!! I am not sure if I would like to see green or blue baby bell cheeses though, they sound strange :-).


  3. @ Lyndsey - thanks, Lyndsey:-)!

    @ Alessandra - with blue, green or purple, I actually just meant the wax paper that wrap the cheese , I don't think the cheese inside is gonna be those colours too :-) . I have seen green cheese in my local supermarket though, cheese mixed with pesto, that's why it's green:-) .

  4. A wonderful Bento - like always :) I'm also considering to buy this black bento box from CasaBento. She's really pretty! Can you tell me, how satisfied are you with it? Greetings, Ni-chan

  5. you make the wonderful cheese and fruit even better!

  6. Oh yeah that big bento box can feed a family! Perfect for picnic time. :-)

    Very cute chicks. My son's class just raised chicks. Out of 12, 4 of them hatched... don't ask about the rest... he's so excited to see chicks grow everyday in classroom.

  7. Love those cute little bento chicks :-)

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