Thursday, 30 July 2009

Teddy and Bunny cookies

I made these cookies last year. I used an egg mould to cut out the teddy and bunny shapes. They're actually just simple butter cookies and I got the chocolate colour by mixing the normal butter cookie dough with chocolate powder. Aren't these cookies cute?? I know that a more handy and crafty baker would be able to produce a much better looking teddy cookies than these, but I am quite proud of my cookies and they tasted yummy too...!

I am thinking of baking some cakes or cookies in the following days, but I am still not sure when. I have a lot of food-related pictures to upload actually - I started to cook and 'bake' (I say 'bake' in quotation marks because I enjoy decorating cookies and cakes much more than the process of baking a cake itself) seriously since 1.5 years ago, but I just joined bloggers 3 days ago...! So, I do have a lot of picture-stories to tell indeed...! Well..., till next time then...

"Hello, I am Teddy...!"

"And I am Bunny...!"

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