Fried Noodles Bento


I wanted to make charaben today, but in the end I was too lazy and just made a portion of good ol' traditional bento box ;).

The box contains plain fried noodles, pan-fried gyoza, baby carrots, pan-fried garlic chicken, soy sauce egg, a piece of radish and cherry tomato.

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  1. Looks delectable... and beautiful clicks

  2. I like it, I know how is is when you finally get going making a bento and you just make a traditional one. I always like your traditional bentos. I was wondering what you did to the egg to make the whites that color!

  3. @ Lyndsey - thanks :). I simply soaked the egg in soy sauce for a few hours and voilà, you get brown-tinted, soy sauce-flavoured egg :).