Monday, 29 October 2012

Sunflower Bears Bento

These two lovely bear onigiris are filled with chicken teriyaki and mayo. I  covered the rice balls with katsuobushi (bonito flakes) which make the bears look pretty fluffy. The nori details were punched out from the pink nori punch below and the white nose is made out of quail egg.

Source: CasaBento

You can easily get these nori punches from CasaBento or other bento suppliers in Amazon or Ebay.

The two little chicks are also quail eggs. They look quite worried as they know that they will be gobbled down by the two little bears quite soon. Fortunately for the bears, they don't know that they'll be gobbled down by me soon after I finish writing down this post, that's why they're still smiling ;).

  Have a great week ahead everyone!

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  1. Bonito! How clever. :O It actually looks super fluffy, and I bet it's tasty too. Shame bonito costs so much over here though...


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