Cute Sheep Bento


This is my first sheep-themed bento :). The two little sheep are cut out of mozzarella cheese and nori and the feet are black beans. They are happily grazing on yummy pork soboro which hides a portion of spicy shirataki noodles underneath.

I also included one scotch egg which I cut in half, three pieces of tamagoyaki filled with bok choy and three pieces of oven baked chicken nuggets. It's my first time making scotch eggs and I was very happy with the result since the egg yolk was still quite runny when I halved the egg...*love*:)!!

To have runny yolk, simply cook the eggs for 6 minutes only in boiling water. Make sure that each egg is completely covered in water.

I also managed to make another bento besides this sheep-themed bento this morning. I'll post it tomorrow, so stay tuned :)!

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  1. So cute and lovely looking bento preparation.


  2. That's quite a lot of protein. O_O Grr, why are bentos stuffed with protein the makes them so hard to resist!
    The idea of the sheep is very nice, looks like something I could finally do. :D Hmm, black beans and pork...