Sentimental Circus: Rio the Lion Bento


Do you know Sentimental Circus, the new cute circus troop from San-X? I myself just found out about it a few weeks ago.I find the characters totally adorable, especially the main one, Shappo, the cute gothic(?) bunny. But since making him would be quite difficult, I chose the easier character, Rio the Lion, to make instead. I am sure I will make Shappo too one day, when I have more free time...

I made Rio the Lion from cheese and nori. Underneath the lion is natto fried rice which I decorated with lettuce border and two pieces of carved radishes.

The side dishes include half a scotch egg, a slice of tamagoyaki, stir-fried green beans, three pieces of chicken nuggets and a few pieces of grapes.

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  1. I didn't know this Sentimental Circus, very cute drawings, and lovely bento!


  2. thanks for sharing.