Sunday, 3 June 2012

Polka Dot Butterflies Bento

How do you like these two polka dot butterflies? I think they are quite pretty (and simple to make too!). I used a butterfly cutter to make the cheese butterflies, quail egg nori punch to make the little black dots, different size round decorating tips to cut out the holes and a tweezer to help me transfer the black dots onto the cheese butterflies.

I ate the cheese butterflies with a slice of pumpernickel sandwich and four cherry tomatoes.

I used to make a butterfly-themed bento as well for Valentine's day, have a look at the link here. Which one do you like better? The polka dot butterflies or the valentine butterflies :)?

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  1. wow ,,, cute butterfly ,, I really love your blog ,, so amazing

  2. I love the butterflies. :) Your bentos are almost too cute to eat!

  3. Pretty pretty butterflies!
    and I admire your creativity :)

  4. Love the cheese butterflies! It must be painstaking work to deal with the tiny black dots. Lovey job! You are so creative!

  5. CG, your detail work amazes me.... My daughter's favorite is butterfly (and her room is butterfly theme!). She'll adore this bento!

  6. Where can i buy the butterfly n flower cuttter?

  7. @ anonymous - check out amazon or ebay:-).


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