Lucky Cat - Maneki Neko Bento


Maneki Neko or Lucky Cat is a typical Japanese statue which symbolises luck. You will often see this cat in the entrance of Asian shops and restaurants. I am actually more a dog person and I am not really into cats, but lucky cats are an exception. When I was a child I used to read a Japanese manga called N.Y. Komachi or Belle of New York by Waki Yamato - this is one of my most favourites mangas. The heroine, Shino, owns an intelligent cat that loves to imitate a maneki neko - I like lucky cats due to this adorable fictional cat from a manga ;).

A few months ago I received this bento box with a Maneki neko picture from Bento USA. I find this bento box very cute! This bento box is currently on sale and costs $US 17.50.

The box has two compartments and the top tier includes a plastic lid.

Unfortunately today's lunch wasn't so special, I was too lazy to cook (I only cooked the rice and made the decorations), but the main dish was bought from a Greek food delivery service, it's Gyrospfanne (I have no idea what it's called in English - it's basically gyros with mushrooms and onions and some creamy sauce).

The lucky cat is made out of goat cheese. The yellow part of its face is soy paper, the black parts are nori and I used imitation crab for the red parts.

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  1. I love Manekinekos (I even have a small collection of Manekinekos at home) and your bentos so your today's post is absolutely wonderful to me ^^

    What's the dessert in the top left-hand corner of the picture?


  2. Very beautiful!! I have that bento box, my mom found it at a second hand shop, and she said she wasn't sure if it was a bento. Anyway she bought it for 50 cents, and gave it to me. :) I gave it a good clean with hot water and soap and it just needed a belt and bag(which I already had and matches perfectly) Mine are not as pretty as this, you're inspiring. :)

  3. @ Oliko - Thank you :). The dessert is mochi, Japanese sweet rice cakes.

    @ Cat - Thanks for your kind comment :), I checked out your blog and you make appetising and colourful lunches, good on you :)!

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  5. WOW ich liebe Maneki Nekos, und dieses Bento hat echte Weltklasse! Super süße Maneki Neko und echt schöne Orange! Ich will das Bento, es ist viel zu schade zum essen. Am besten einrahmen lassen :-) Klasse

  6. SUPER cute. CG you made manekineko super in details... How do you feel when you have a first bite of your creation... you got used to it? I don't know I feel like it's such an art and I can't eat your bento!!

  7. oh! such a cute bento, this is my sisters favorite pets she loves cats and this is my dream deserts i want to eat it all.

  8. The lucky cat looks wonderful
    and I love your box too! :)

  9. I am not a fan of cats either, but I love this one too! Both the cat and the bento look wonderful.