Little Girl in Seal Suit Bento


I originally planned to make a little girl in puppy suit, but then I thought that the suit looked somehow more like a seal. Since I don't make seals for my charaben that often, in the end I just left the suit as it was and didn't try to make it look more like a puppy.

I had korokke (Japanese style potato and meat croquettes), chicken karaage, cucumber and carrot pickles, egg salad with mayo/wasabi, Dijon mustard dressing, half an egg which I made into a chick dressed in seal suit, Elmo cherry tomato, radish and ham flowers.

The little girl itself is made out of rice which I seasoned with soy sauce and the seal suit is plain white rice. The facial features are as usual made out of nori, cheese and deli meat. If you're curious what the whiskers of the seal are made out of, they're soba (buckwheat) noodles. The seal's tounge is umeboshi (pickled plum), which tastes great with rice.

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  1. I love this! You're so creative! :)

  2. Does someone actually end up eating this? It's a work of art!

  3. Delightful once again! I completely adore the little brown girl!

  4. The expression of girl and seal is priceless! I agree, I will have emotional problem before eating this bento... LOL.

  5. So cute, you do all the eyes and expressions so well :-).


  6. Once more you have put my two Japanese dishes I adore: korokke and chicken karaage. The bento looks beautiful and the girl is very impressive.