Mini Bento: Chi Chai Monchan


Another very simple bento :). I just made this bento half an hour ago and I mainly made it for fun. Chi Chai Monchan is another cute character from Sanrio. I browsed the Sanrio homepage and thought that this character seemed to be quite easy to make. Making him only took me 10 minutes, because again, I simply used some cookie cutters to help me make this character. I didn't take the step-by-step pictures, but I will do so later in the day after I do some grocery shopping. I don't have deli-meat available anymore...!

The bento is filled with rice, toasted sesame seeds, scrambled eggs, cucumber sticks and Chi Chai Monchan (deli meat, cheddar cheese, carrot and surimi). I will update this post today and include some step-by-step picture. So stay tune...:)!


As promised, here are the step-by-step pictures. This time I use white coloured cheese for the face. Decide yourself which colour you like better, white or orange.

What you need:
  • A slice of pink deli meat
  • A slice of cheese (white/orange)
  • A piece of nori paper
  • A slice of carrot
  • 3 different-size round cookie cutters
  • A think drinking straw
  • A fat drinking straw
  • A kitchen knide
  • A kitchen tweezers

  1. Use the biggest round cookie cutter to make Monchan's face.
  2. Use the second biggest round cookie cutter to make the inner part of Monchan's face.
  3. With a kitchen knife, cut out a triangle from the cheese-face.
  4. Make Monchan's body using the smallest cookie cutter.
  5. Make 4 mini circles with a fat drinking straw (2 for the ears and 2 for the feet).
  6. Pinch a fat straw so that the end is oval.Punch 2 ovals out of the deli meat - these ovals are the hands.
  7. Punch a circle out of the remaining deli meat with the smallest cookie cutter. Then with the same cookie cutter, cut out the top/bottom bit of the round deli meat to make a smile shape.
  8. Punch 2 circles out of the carrot slice with the thin straw - these are for the rosy (well, orangy) cheeks.
NOTE: One last thing, you still need to cut 2 circles out of nori for the eyes. If you have a nori punch, you can use this too. The tail is optional.

UPDATE: 19/7/2013
Video Tutorial 

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  1. Awesome your wonderful presentation dear..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  2. Your bento is always so appetizing & cute ;)

  3. Cute kyaraben bento! Sanrio has a lot of cute character that we can make for our bento. Glad you choose this one. Will be waiting for the step-by-step tutorial :)

  4. Lovely cute Chi Chai Monchan! :)
    Hmm... I shall make one for my Missy Cheeky! haha
    *I'm staying tune for your step-by-step pic... :D

  5. Another beautiful bento! My niece would love this one!

  6. I absolutely love your bento sets and this is another super cute one!

  7. I love all your creations :), wish to make them someday! Happy Day!

  8. Woww...troppo troppo carino,complimenti!!!!:-))

  9. Absolutely cute looking Bento dear. You truly have an excellent creative pool inside. Love to folllow your blog.

  10. i'm also notfamililar with this cartoon character but after looking at the picture, i can say that you made it really look like the chi chai monchan.

  11. that's adorable! amazed at ur creativity, never though of shaping my ham this way to create such animated effects :P

  12. Adorable bento . . . I can't help but smile every time I visit your blog! Its a delight! XO Michelle

  13. You took just ten minutes to come up with this cute little bento? That is fantastic! I would take the whole day and maybe the next day too just to think of a bento design! :)

  14. How cute!
    And it looks really, really yummy (*^w^*)

  15. This bento is sooo cute And it looks very easy to made. Thanks for the "tutorial"..
    aw.. I cant wait to made bentos for my nephew when he goes into kindergarten =D he would have the cutes lunch boxes there =D

  16. Even with these amazing step-by-step photos I could not pull this together! You must have great patience to do this! Amazing work!!

  17. Just so cute! How can you eat this? I would spend all my time just admiring the food. =D

  18. My daughter likes Chi Chai Monchan too! I've made it once with rice and yours was cuter!