New China Town is my favourite yum cha restaurant in Frankfurt - not that there are many in Frankfurt...! It has a quite big selection of dim sum and the taste is very authentic. It's of course not comparable to real yum cha restaurants in Hong Kong, Sydney or Jakarta where you can see unfriendly waiters and waitresses walking around with their dim sum carts, but for the yum cha deprived me, having a small yum cha restaurant (quite) nearby, even though it's served a la carte, is like heaven... (because I am a real yum cha fanatic!).

Jiaozi - boiled dumplings - €7.30

Har gao - €4.30

Chee cheong fun with dried shrimps and green onions, €3.40

Chee cheong fun with prawns - €4.00

Char Siu Bao- BBQ pork bun - €3.20

Char leong - rice rolls with Chinese bread stick - €3.50

Glutinous fried dumplings with pork - €3.20

Fried squid cake - € 4.20

Besides serving dim sum, New China-Town also serves normal Chinese food (I would say, Cantonese style food, as the Chinese food there reminds me of the Chinese food in Sydney which is often run by Cantonese).

Fried rice noodles with beef - €10.30

New China Town is the only Asian restaurant I know which serves fresh rice noodles...! To be honest, I can make better fried rice noodles than the one served in this restaurant, but I just couldn't resist ordering FRESH rice noodles in a restaurant (in Germany that is, because it's almost non-existent).

Overall, I love this restaurant :)!

New China Town
Münchner Straße 52
60329 Frankfurt Am Main

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