I have always enjoyed to look at BentoZen's bento creations because I think that her bentos always look so pretty and elegant. My bento today is inspired by her "Poodles in Love Bento". I wanted to make my rice pink as well, but then I realised too late that I didn't have any beet juice left. So well, I used tomato sauce instead to colour the rice, but I don't think that orange looks so good as the background. This bento would look much lovelier with a pretty pink...!

The two poodles and the three flowers are made out of different types of cheese and nori and the sides include some cherry tomatoes, cucumber/carrot salad, two fried shrimps, one carved radish and three slices of tangerine.

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Christmas is again on its way and since the CasaBento team really enjoyed to see the wonderful Halloween bentos created by many talented bento makers all over the world from the previous Halloween contest, they decided to organise another bento contest and this time, Xmas-themed :D)!


1ST PRIZE - A Fukuro Round Bento Box, a Traditional Fukuro insulated bottle,  a pair of Fukuro chopsticks and a matching Fukuro Bento Bag

 2ND PRIZE - A Red Lego Bento Box and a Concorde XL Black Thermal Bag

 3RD PRIZE - A Green Concorde Mini Box and a pair of Green Concorde Chopsticks

4TH PRIZE - A Red Marche Thermal Bag, a Red Tokyo Mini Box and a Green Tokyo Mini Box


5TH PRIZE - A Green Marche Thermal Bag, a Red Tokyo Mini Box and a Green Tokyo Mini Box

Each participant should submit two photos with the following details: last name, first name, postal address, date of birth together with a description of the bento in the photo (ingredients, name of the bento box used, etc) to the following address: contest@casabento.com

The contest ends on December 20th, 2012 at 11:59:59 P.M. Paris Time. All dates are subject to change. 


Your photos will judged by:

- Susanne Kaluza (Norway)
- July from des Bento de July (France)
- Shirley from Little Miss Onigiri (Singapore)
- Sarah from Bento und Mehr (Germany)
- CasaBento Girl's Team
- CasaBento Boy's Team 

Each Entry will be evaluated and scored based on the following:

  • artistic merit - bento skills and use of colour
  • creativity and originality - considering the representation of the Contest theme “Christmas”, as well as the unique and novel approach to use of CasaBento products
  • quality of photo submitted
  • adherence to the the Contest Rules

For more information about the contest, please visit CasaBento.

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