Yesterday I made a friend of mine a Matryoshka-themed bento. Unfortunately it was getting dark when I finished making the bento, so I couldn't really take any good pictures of the bento :(. This bento is modeled after the bento I made for her, which I think looks slightly cuter than the one I gave her. But fortunately she still seemed to be happy with her bento!  She wants me to make another bento for her anniversary next week and the theme will be Lego, since her fiance loves lego. I have never made a Lego-themed bento before, so this will be a (good) challenge :). Stay tuned :).

The Lorax 

The Lorax is the main character of the famous children's book "The Lorax" written by Dr. Seuss. To be honest, I have never read the book nor watched the movie, but I have always wanted to recreate the Lorax out of Babybel cheese after I saw Tiffany Yang's post, where she explained how to make the Lorax using babybel cheese.

Tiffany used store-bought candy eyes for her Lorax, which I would recommend as well, since it's going to save you time. But since I don't have any candy eyes, I made the eyes using green-dyed eggwhite and nori seaweed. The eyebrows and moustasche are simply cut out of a slice of cheese using a toothpick.

I included three pieces of pan-fried Korean seafood pancakes, two pieces of tamagoyaki and two pieces of halved cherry tomatoes. Decorate your bento box with some greens (I used mustard leaves) and a few cute foodpicks.

The bento box is one of my treasured bento boxes which I got from Bento&Co last year, it's called kyo bento box, isn't it beautiful? I should use it more often! Till next time :)!

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