Tomorrow is Chinese New Year's Eve, and to get in the mood, I made a horse-themed bento to celebrate the coming year of the horse. Hopefully this will be a better year for all of us :)! This bento is dedicated to my dad who is a horse  ;) - this just sounds funny, so I had to put a smiley! But it was my little niece who gobbled down the bento :). I am glad that I have one little monster (an adorable one, that is) nearby who loves to eat my creations :-).

This bento contains loads of eggs  so it's full of protein ;)! I actually wanted to make something more festive, but I forgot my big bento box at home, and as currently I am staying over at my sister's place, I had to make do with the small boxes available.

I also made another bento before - well, not exactly bento actually, since I placed the food on a plate instead of a bento box, but I am going to save it for my next post. So stay tuned :)!

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Hey everyone! For people who have previously visited my blog regularly, please don't get shocked ;)! I am sure you have noticed that I recently changed the look of my blog ;). I just wanted a change, because I simply couldn't see that same, old blog skin anymore, and I also wanted to personalise my blog a bit more. Previously I used a free blogskin available online somewhere, but this time, everything is designed by yours truly ;). So, please don't be too harsh on me, I know that there are lots of rooms for improvement, especially because I don't have any knowledge in coding. I was thinking to use a different platform other than blogger, because it's going to give me more freedom in designing my blog. But then again, I've been using blogger for (wow!) a bit more than 4 years now, so I decided to stay here and be loyal to blogger ;). 

I will nevertheless add a new section to my blog, such as a gallery to improve audience experience - I am aware that my blog is not the easiest to navigate. If you think that there are other cool things I should add to my blog, please do let me know :). 

Anyway, back to the bento above - I actually made it ages ago, but haven't posted about it until today. It's pretty simple to make and you don't need god-mighty skills to make it as long as you own some cookie cutters and a nori punch. The kitties are made from fried spam, cheese, carrot and nori seaweed. The sides are a portion of boiled corn kernels, edamame beans and pan-fried scotch egg.

I will make a horse-themed bento within the next few days since it's my dad's year as well :). My dad is currently here, so it's going to be dedicated to him :). Stay tuned!

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After being MIA (again) for 2 months, finally I managed to make another bento. This bento is actually a new year present for my friend, Ms Baggins (remember this girl, who ordered the Star Wars & Lego bento from me some time ago:)?). Her 2 year-old nephew is visiting her from Perth and she wants to give him something special and a little different. Since her nephew is currently into animal farms, I made him mini ham & cheese sandwiches with cute animal faces (not exactly animal farms, but I think he wouldn't mind it ;)). I hope he would like this bento :). 

Besides the mini sandwiches, I also made two panda onigiris filled with fried chicken nuggets and tonkatsu sauce and some maki sushi rolls filled with chicken teriyaki and some veggies.

Let me end this post by wishing you all lovely readers a wonderful new year. May 2014 brings joy and happiness to all of you :).

The pictures look somewhat blurry, maybe I really need a new camera ;).


Till next time :)!

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