I made this bento for my little niece two days ago. It was her first time eating a charaben. My sister told me that she polished off the whole thing (except the bento box of course) :). I'd thought she wouldn't, since it's sometimes hard to persuade her to eat. But I am glad she did. Now she wants her mummy to make the same bunny eggs for her ;).

So let's see what's inside the box: I prepared two rice balls wrapped in nori seaweed and topped with a halved quail egg each, which I had soaked in soy sauce beforehand. I transformed the halved quail eggs into two little bunnies with my magic hands ;) - just kidding, I decorated the faces with nori eyes/nose/mouth (I used a quail egg nori punch) and used a toothpick to dab the cheeks with tomato sauce. I also added two slices of green onion tamagoyaki, three pieces of chicken nuggets, blanched broccolini, four carrot flowers and four pieces of halved strawberries. I topped the broccolini with a piece of cooked teddy-bear shaped pasta, to make the bento looks even prettier.


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Today's bento: 2 rice balls seasoned with Nori Fumi furikake (seaweed/ sesame seeds sprinkles) and topped with umeboshi (pickled plum), a halved soy-sauce marinated egg, a small portion of garlic/soy sauce chicken, blanched broccolini, half of a cherry tomato, a pickled lotus root slice and two carrot flowers.

I also had a few pieces of seedless grapes and another piece of cherry tomato which I cut into halves.


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Recently I received a couple of things from CasaBento, including a set of Rilakkuma bento boxes and a matching pair of Rilakkuma sauce containers. I call this a simple Rilakkuma bento, because I relied on leftovers and I didn't make any special characters for this bento lunch. But it still turned out pretty damn cute, thanks to the adorable mini Rilakkuma sauce containers :).
These three Rilakkuma-themed bento boxes only cost €13.99. You can also use them for storing foods, which I find very convenient.

I filled these sauce containers with mayo and tonkatsu sauce. If you love Rilakkuma, I think these are a must have!

Today's bento included steamed rice topped with cherry tomato, pan-fried prawn fritters, a few slices of green onion tamagoyaki, two slices of pink-dyed lotus root, a small portion of teriyaki-glazed spam, macaroni salad and a piece of taro mochi. Cut out a few carrot flowers to make your bento more decorative, if you like.

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This is the first bento I made after I returned to Australia a few months ago. Very simple, nothing cutesy except the two pretty carrot butterflies. In fact I also sent this picture to Bento&Co Competition, with the hope that I would get a few bento materials, since I didn't really have any over here. I managed to be in the top 20 and got a few things from Bento&Co.

Anyway, this bento contains mushroom spaghetti cooked a la Aglio Olio, four pieces of pan-fried chicken nuggets, four pieces of cherry tomatoes, braised asparagus, boiled egg, two carrot butterflies and parsley to add some greens to the bento.

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Another chick-themed bento - I guess that little chicks are simply one of the easiest characters to make out there and at the moment I am more into making easy and uncomplicated bento.

The food inside the bento box is pretty simple too: mini ham and tomato sandwiches, a small portion of spaghetti Napolitan, cherry tomatoes, three chick onigiris and a few slices of mandarin.

Okay, now I need to get back to doing my assignments again. I quit my job and now I am doing another Master's degree. I am crazy, ain't I? I am now based in Australia and still adapting to the life here, even though I used to live here as well years ago.

Till next time!

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