Hi again everyone! This is a long overdue post. Life has been crazy and I didn't feel like making any bentos the last couple of months, heck, the last time I made bento was actually half a year ago! But anyway, after some time you have to pull yourself together and I don't want to give up this hobby - making bento is after all a quite nice and creative activity I think.

I got this lovely bento box from CasaBento six months ago, beautiful isn't it? It's so cute, it's currently out of stock, but there are many other beautiful choices in CasaBento, so don't forget to check them out!

 If you are still curious to find out more about this red "Paris Boutique" bento box, click this link.
Sorry for the rather blurry photos. I took the pictures yesterday afternoon and it was quite foggy outside. Since my photoshop skills are very limited, there was nothing much I could do to save the pictures but increasing the brightness.

Anyway, my comeback bento is nothing out of ordinary, it's in fact so simple you could do it within 15-20 minutes. I made three rice onigiri topped with three little chicks made out of Kraft cheese slices. The side dishes include cherry tomatoes, pan-fried chicken nuggets, boiled egg and a few pieces of grapes.

That's it for today. I promise there will be more regular bento posts coming up in the near future :).

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