Homemade Egg Noodles

Since two days ago I have been crazily in love with my new pasta/noodle machine ;-). I got it last Christmas from my MIL, but hadn't had the chance to use it until now. I made two different types of noodles - wide and thin noodles. The taste of the noodles was super good, I was impressed with myself ;-)!

I had tried making noodles on my own before I have this cool pasta machine. It was okay, but my hands were just not skillful enough in cutting the dough into equal length and width, which I think is important in noodle making. Well, now I have this machine the problem is solved...:).

Ingredients (for 2-3 people)
Source: http://cikciks.multiply.com/recipes/item/35/Mie_Telor_Mentega
  • 300 gr flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tbs butter/margarine
  • 50 ml water
You can change the eggs with water only if you want to make wheat based noodles. The trick is the dough needs to be pliable but not sticky. You have to adjust the amount of water and flour yourself until you find this pliable/non-sticky consistency.

I used the noodles to make Mie Ayam but the more modest version - simply noodles with savoury ground pork and boiled Rucola.

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  1. These homemade noodles look so good! And the dish is very tantalizing!

  2. I always make pasta at home too! Taste so much better than the industrial ones :D

  3. bgs yah noodle bikinan sendiri ! rajin banget !
    Happy Valentine & Happy CNY !

  4. hey...do you celebrate CNY there? Gong Xi Fa Cai and happy valentine's day!

  5. I'm so impressed with your noodles too! Pasta machine is next on my list :). Anyway, Happy Lunar New Year!

  6. You have made some perfect noodles!
    Happy Chinese New Year to you too! (nobody cares about CNY here either. I am used to it.)

  7. Wow.... home made noodles! That's really great if you can make it by yourself! Much better than those instant ones :)

    Happy Valentine's Day! *hugs & kisses*

  8. Awesome! The noodles look very yummy ... Happy CNY and Happy Valentine's Day to you and your love ones :)

  9. nothing beats home made noodles. How wonderful to have a pasta maker.

    If you are celebrating Chinese New Year, here's wishing you: Happy New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai!! :)

  10. Would you share the brand and details of the machine you're using? Thank you.