Smiling Onigiri Bento


I was running out of ideas of what to make for today's bento, so I resolved to do something easy - onigiri...! I had to add cute features to the onigiri to make them look sweeter though ;).

This was my husband's lunch. He loves wok dishes, unlike me who prefers noodles and soups. So I made him chicken and vegetables stir-fried in hot bean sauce and for myself I made Tsukemen which literally means dipping ramen. I saw the cooking video from the Cooking with Dog channel in YouTube and directly fell in love with the look of it. But I will save this for another post...

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  1. Very cute and deliciously looking bento. As usual your creativity is fantastic.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  2. I love the Cooking With Dog Youtube Videos. I watch them each time a new video comes out. You made a wonderful looking bento. I like the tiny smiles on the Onigiri. Makes them look sweet and a little shy.

  3. Look beauty, wait Esperanza look these beauties! gloria

  4. Hehee what a cute expression of Onigiri. :-) What did you use for pinky cheeks?

  5. @ Nami - Thanks, Nami :). The pink cheeks are made out of deli meat.

    At the moment I am experimenting to make pink cheese, let's see what I'll make with it :).

  6. I love their rosy cheeks! Even your simplest bento is so attractive! ;D

    Btw, I like that lovely container with a 3D flower on its cover! You always have the cutest and prettiest stuffs, CG!

  7. Your onigiri look so cute! And perfectly round... I still haven't posted any onigiri, since they always looks so clumsy :-(

  8. These onigiris are so simple but yet super cute!!!