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Here I am again with a new bento :). My appearance in the blogsphere has been quite erratic the last few months, my job has taken its toll on me I guess... I hope I would feel more relaxed after Christmas!

This is a simple bento which I made last weekend. To be true, I really enjoy making simple, traditional bento, because it doesn't take too much time to make, it's delicious and quite attractive too. I love making charaben as well, because I simple love cute things ;), but with no children at home and only a husband who would pull a long face whenever he sees pink rice with a bear shape in his bento box ;), I've started to make more 'adult bentos' - I think I exaggerated a little bit and have made too many charabens in the past few months ;). FYI, both my husband and I never bring our bento to work, in case you're wondering if my husband really has been going to work with a bento box which contains pink bear-shaped rice with cheese flowers and butterflies in his suitcase ;). I normally make my bento at the weekend, when I have more time to spare. During the weekdays I don't usually cook and we normally eat out or order something from home.

I got this pretty bento box from Bento&Co some time ago but hadn't had the chance to use it until last weekend. I had rice topped with toasted sesame seeds, pickled ume (plum) and a few slices of orange and grapes for dessert. I ate the rice together with gyudon, which unfortunately looks a bit dry in the picture. I guess I took too long to photograph it ;). The taste itself was great though, but next time I'll try not to add beaten egg on top of the beef and use the method from Cooking with Dog instead - onsen tamago (hot spring egg) on top of beef sounds delicious! Oh, and it just came into my mind, I probably shouldn't call this beef dish 'gyudon', because I don't put the beef on top of the rice. I suppose Nami from Just One Cookbook can tell me the answer ;)?

Adapted from Cooking with Dog
  • 200g thinly sliced beef
  • Shirataki noodles *optional
  • 1/2 Onion
  • 5 g Ginger
  • 2 tbsp Soy Sauce
  • 1 tbsp Sake
  • 1tbsp Sugar
  • 1 tbsp Hon-Mirin
  • 100 ml Water
  • 1/2 tsp dashi powder
  • 2 eggs
  • Beni Shoga - Japanese Pickled Ginger
  • Shichimi - Seven Flavour Chili Pepper
  • Chopped green onions

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  1. Well, gyudon's "don" is from the word donburi (large rice bowl). So if it's not in a bowl, techinically it's not donburi... haha. But we have this kind of bento in Japan and labeled as "gyudon bento". If the beef is on top, it's more casual, and when it's separate like yours, it seems more fancy and elegant. So your gyudon bento is "fancy" style! Heheh. Looks yum CG!

  2. @ Nami - Thanks for the clarification, Nami :). It's really good to have a Japanese friend who can explain Japan-related things I don't understand ;), just like my husband who is my 'German walking-dictionary' ;) - hmm, I have been so stressed out by work that I am just talking nonsense now ;).

  3. Beautiful bento box (as always)! I've lots of lunch/bento boxes in all sizes and shapes but I don't have any that looks like wood just like yours. Shall I get one too? Heehee.. ;P
    Though the beef looks dry, your bento meal still looks so attractive and tasty! ;D
    Yours are always very fancy! Have a wonderful week!

  4. This bento is very elegant, and you must have a good collection of boxes


  5. Those boxes are great and your meal looks very attractive. I don't eat beef so don't know that it is dry. Are those black sesame seeds on the rice? Ume Plums are one ofmy favorites too. Lovely

  6. What a nice idea to split up the gyudon so it fits in this fancy bento box :)
    Love that totally cute cup!!

  7. I won't resist this bento with all the goodness in it. I will have to learn to make more 'adult' bento for Big A now. And sadly she will have to say bye-bye for kyaraben bento next year. Almost end of the year, so fast ... Hope you can have a good break on Christmas later! (^.^)

  8. Your bento dishes are always so pretty to look at! If I prepare this bento for my girl's tea break in school, do I put in the rice/dishes in the box while they are still hot or should I heat up the food, cool them first before packing? She can only consume the food a few hours later and our weather is usually hot and humid.

  9. The thought of your husband bringing all those cutie bears in his suitcase is indeed hilarious! :DD Having been seeing how excellent you are at bento making, I`m surprised that you don`t bring bento to work, though. You two should have your wonderful bento for weekend picnics!

  10. Adorable - is that a sour plum I spy on top of the rice too? Yummy... I love those! I just watched the Cooking with Dog video - love it :) That egg looked so good at the end!

  11. I have always thought you take your bentos to work! Your colleagues or your husband's colleagues would be so impressed and jealous (although I can imagine your husband refusing to take charaben to work ;-) )
    Today's bentos look fabulous, as usually! I must make gyudon one day.

  12. Everytime I come here I learn something new; you are a true artist!

  13. @ Lyn - I love wooden bento boxes, at the moment I have three and I am sure I'll add more to my collection. You should buy some too, they're really pretty :)!

    @ Alessandra - thank you :)!

    @ Suzi - Thanks :), and yes, those are black sesame seeds.

    @ Sheri - I love that cup too, it's from the Pip Studio. I am collecting dishwares from Pip because they're all super adorable :)!

    @ Lia Chen - Hehe, you will absolutely have no problem creating 'adult bentos' for Big A, I am looking forward to seeing them because I love traditional-looking bentos too :).

    @ Fong's Kitchen Journal - Thank you :). I don't usually bring my bento to work, so I am actually not really the best person to ask this question. This great article from JustBento might answer your question :):

    @ Arudhi - I would love to bring my bento to work actually but I am usually too lazy to cook after work (and I don't have the time to prepare any bento in the morning), so I usually just bento every weekend or whenever I have days off ;).

    @ Charles - Yes, you spotted it right, that's an ume plum :). The videos from Cooking with Dog are awesome, I have been their 'fan' for 2 years now ;).

    @ Sissi - Unfortunately we don't ;). Maybe one day when I have more free time (which I somehow doubt :(). Yes, you should make Gyudon too, it's very simple to make and tastes great!

    @ Rita - Thank you :)

  14. You make the most amazing and delicious bentos! Your husband is so lucky :) Maybe you should make him a more "masculine" bento next time:p

  15. CG, ur bento creations never fail to impress me
    plus the delish recipes
    thks for sharing and looking fwd to meeting u when u're in s'pore next time okie.... :P

  16. cg, i always love your bentos that they have a well balanced of diet, veggies , meat and fruits. That's simply marvellous!

  17. I love Bento box's. They always look so colourful and appetising!!

  18. Thanks for the link. Will go check it.