Osechi Bento


I have always liked to look at Japanese New Year's foods or Osechi-ryōri pictures, even though I have never had the chance to personally see and taste it myself. Everything in the osechi boxes always seems to be so prettily arranged and the combination of colours is just breathtaking. I hope my osechi bento has somehow managed to capture the essence and style of Japanese osechi.

Anyway, as I promised last week, I use my newest bento box from CasaBento to present my osechi bento.

This bento box is truly beautiful and definitely a keeper for people who love traditional bento boxes. Nevertheless I have to warn you that this box is not a box that you would like to carry around to school or work, and is more intended for elegant food presentation to impress your guests or when you want to celebrate something special at home.

There are four separate compartments which are stacked on top of each other.

As you can see from the picture above, the chance of food leaking or spilling is too high. If you are looking for portable bento boxes, this bento box is not for you. But if you are into elegant and sophisticated Japanese-style bento boxes which are pleasing to the eye and don't mind to limit this bento box for home-use only, then I can only recommend you to buy it.

This box is called Sakura Appetizer Bento and costs €27,99. CasaBento ships worldwide and they pay the custom taxes/import duties for you, which I think is a real great service, as I can only say that I hate paying custom taxes! - I recently bought a bag from the US and had to pay €100 for  Zoll (German custom tax) :(!!

As you can see there are quite a lot of food items in the four boxes, but I didn't need very long to make this osechi bento since I used both yesterday's lefover and some frozen foods - I love to make a big batch of something (e.g. dumplings, ebi fry, etc) and freeze them for future use.

Top boxes: Ebi fry, shiu mai, cherry tomatoes, asparagus sticks, octopus salad, soy sauce egg and grapes on sticks.

Bottom boxes: Shrimp temari sushi with brown rice, tamagoyaki and leftover turkey/calamari stir-fry.
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  1. This is very classy and elegant!


  2. Ooohhh what a beautiful box! *_* I love Casabento too, and their guarantee for low shipping prices. I once ordered from Bentoandco (favourite site for viewing, as they have tons of stuff) and had to pay €70 taxes...what a shock.
    This box seems quite sturdy. You think it's dishwasher proof? I've been wanting to buy something like this so present food for guests in, or sweets.

  3. The food looks scrumptious! Nice box :)

  4. @ mehblog - I agree, the box is wonderful :), we're in the same boat, I used to order from Bentoandco too and had to pay quite a lot of taxes...:(!! That's why I always try to avoid ordering from non EU countries if I could... It's written in CasaBento that it's not dishwasher safe, but I actually put it in the dishwasher anyway and it turned out to be ok.

  5. Hai, do you mind teach me how to do the shrimp temari sushi? Thanks.. Your bento really gv me lots of ideas to make for my daughter.. :)

  6. Regards, Celine

  7. Ah awesome, thanks for testing it! :p You can never tell from the website's (CasaBento, Bentoandco etc) pictures what the material's like...