Chicken Sukiyaki Bento


I participated in a bento contest last July organised by Bento&Co. Due to your kind support, I won the second prize :). I got a 10,000 Yen voucher plus some bento boxes and accessories from Bento&Co. I received so many extra goodies apart from the items I chose using the 10,000 Yen from Bento&Co that I was totally flabbergasted (positively...;)) when I opened the parcels I got from them. I will report more about the wonderful goodies in my next post as I am quite short on time at the time being.

This gorgeous wooden bento box is one of the things I chose from their online store.

If you're interested to buy this, click the link over here. It costs 7,500 Yen (around €75). Indeed expensive, but worth the money as it's really flawless!! I am very happy with the box and now it belongs to one of my most favourite bento boxes :).

I filled the bento box with steamed rice topped with purple potato butterflies, chicken sukiyaki, soy-sauce egg, pan-fried mini wieners, tamagoyaki, ebi fry, pan-fried dumplings, carrot salad and cherry tomatoes.

I made my husband a bento meal with the same menu as well, but I will show the picture(s) of his bento box another time :). Well, that's it for now. Have a nice weekend, everyone!

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  1. Wow Congratulations! You are definitely one of the best bento artist around and I think only you could create a posh meal worthy of such a lovely box! So excited to see the other great prizes really deserve them!

  2. looks colorful and delicious..

  3. Another beautiful bento in a beautiful box :-)!


  4. Wow, the bento box is beautiful! I'm thinking about buying a nice bento box soon because when I start my PhD next year I'll have an office and then take food for lunch / dinner with me on most days ... I'll check out that online store, thank you for the link! :)