Despicable Me Bento


To be honest, I'd never heard of Despicable Me until a few weeks ago when I started seeing lots of Minions (the little, yellow creatures) bentos almost everywhere. I was just wondering what the big fuss was about ;). I have to admit that the characters are pretty cute though, that's the reason why I decided to join in the hype and make a Despicable Me themed bento too :).

The minions are made of tamagoyaki (Japanese-style rolled omelette) and the details are nori and cheese cut-outs. I also included Agnes Gru in the bento box. She is made of soy-sauce flavoured steamed rice, nori and imitation crab. The other side dishes are pan-fried chicken nuggets, a piece of babybell cheese, two pieces of mochi cakes, a small portion of fruit (kiwi & mandarin), two halved grape tomatoes and a few pieces of blanched broccoli florets.

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  1. wow, awesome Despicable Me bento!!

  2. oh my!! this is amazing!!!

    Agnes is sooo real! you are really talented

  3. So cute! I went to the movie with my grandson- the minions are so cute, both in the movie and in your adorable bento. :)

  4. Really well done! Awesome bento. Love the varied expressions of the Minions.

  5. Aww....your bento always amazing and creative! Love them all!