Matryoshka Bento


Yesterday I made a friend of mine a Matryoshka-themed bento. Unfortunately it was getting dark when I finished making the bento, so I couldn't really take any good pictures of the bento :(. This bento is modeled after the bento I made for her, which I think looks slightly cuter than the one I gave her. But fortunately she still seemed to be happy with her bento!  She wants me to make another bento for her anniversary next week and the theme will be Lego, since her fiance loves lego. I have never made a Lego-themed bento before, so this will be a (good) challenge :). Stay tuned :).

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  1. Lovely bento!! Can't wait for your Lego theme bento ^_^

  2. So cute!!! How did you achieve such a pink hue for the rice?

  3. Very cute and delicious looking bento. Lego themed box makes it look even more attractive.

  4. Fantastic bento! The dolls look very cute and I love the variety of food you serve in your bento!
    I don't think the photo quality mattered at all - it is still a visually stunning bento!