Sushi Dinner

Yes, I know this is my third post about sushi - but I just love sushi...! I am a quite picky sushi eater though. For example even though sushi almost always connotates raw fish, I don't eat any sushi with raw fish, except salmon - I am not that fond of fish actually ... So everytime I go to a sushi restaurant, or whenever I make sushi myself, I always choose (or make) something like prawn tempura, cooked prawn, chicken teriyaki or schnitzel. Not very healthy I know...but I still eat my salmon ;).

For tonight's dinner I made sushi with prawn tempura and chicken teriyaki (boring I know... but I just love them!). I have this kind of ritual to eat sushi for dinner while watching dvd with my partner - that's why sushi is such a regular in my household... Enjoy and salivate in front of your screen...;-)

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  1. are a master in making sushi! I love that fish roe one the most!

    I just added you to my blog list. I was lucky to be the 1st following you!

    Angie's Recipes

  2. Hi, thank you for your kind comment :).

  3. Yum...yum...suka banget sm sushi...'
    makasih ya dah mampir d blogku...salam kenal jg...