Bunny Birthday Cake

Yesterday was my husband's birthday and I considered that a chance to make and decorate a cake. I should have prepared the decorations a few days in advance so that they had the chance to harden, but the inner lazy procrastinating me just kept saying that I would be able to do everything in one day. Well, yes, I was able to - but with difficulty. I made my own marshmallow fondant myself - but after a year of not doing anything with fondant, I forgot that when you don't sift the powdered sugar, you would have difficulty getting a smooth fondant texture. So if you want to make marshmallow fondant yourself, please don't forget to sift the powdered sugar like me, or in the end you would get some lumps of sugar in the fondant dough. You could try reducing the lumps by kneading it over and over again, but believe me... You would get a cramp in the end, so it's much better to sift the sugar and avoid being lazy like me...!

It's also much better to prepare the fondant figurines a few days in advance, especially if your figurines need to 'stand up', like my two bunnies. If you don't do so, your figurines would have trouble standing upright without support - It's also the reason why I put some chocolate balls behind the bunnies - because I didn't want the bunnies to fall...;). Well, another alternative is to use gum sugar paste, which has a harder consistency than normal fondant, and it also dries up quicker. Personally I prefer gum paste for making small figurines, because it's just easier to handle than fondant, but I didn't have any gum paste stock, so I had to make do with my homemade fondant. I feel that the birthday cake I made last year looks much better, it just looks more professional than the one I made two days ago. I suppose it's because I used gum paste last year and I was also more prepared - or maybe as I age my stock of ideas is simply getting lower...;-)??

The piggy birthday cake from last year. The oink is modelled from 'Ringel' (in German) or 'Piggley' (in English), a character from 'Au Schwarte' or 'Jakers' - a children's television series that my husband really likes :).

The bunny birthday cake from yesterday. This year the birthday cake doesn't have a real theme. I just made two white bunnies, because now we've got two little lovely bunnies as house pets, even though ours are brown - I was too lazy to knead the fondant brown...

Marshmallow Fondant (MMF)
  • 500 gr marshmallow
  • 750 gr powdered sugar
  • 4 tbs water
  • shortening
  • Corn starch (for dusting)
Please look at this video on YouTube, if you're interested to make marshmallow fondant yourself. It's quite clear and due to this video I was able to make MMF myself.

We both don't like fondant, we find it too sweet - but if you have a real sweet tooth, marshmallow fondant might be a better alternative than the normal fondant made from glucose (and other strange ingredients) - it tastes better. To me fondant is purely for decoration though, so this is what happened to the bunnies after the cake was cut :).

My bunnies

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  1. Wow, really gorgeous cakes! I've never made marshmallow fondant before. Wld love to try it. Your molding of the figurines is fantastic! Well done. Lucky husband !!!

  2. This is really a beautiful Birthday Cake. Your husband is so lucky to have you. :)

  3. cannot believe that cooking /baking is your hobby! so professional! i always make it so terrible! :( and gave up already! :(

  4. ohhhhh! who would eat the bunnies? :(

  5. Looks great, I couldn't possibly eat them.

  6. The cakes look beautiful! Who cares that you have to sift the powerdered sugar-you can't tell in the photo. These cakes are so creative. I just love them! Thanks for sharing.

  7. The bunnies are definitely very cute!!!

    Never make my own fondant, always buy the ready to use, hehehe....

    Do you use the color powder and glitters to color the surface of the bunnies and flowers?

  8. omg this is cuteness overload! good job! I love bunnies, u should show a picture of them next time hehehe

  9. @ Everyone - Thank you for your kind words :)!

    @ 3 hungry tummies - Nobody ate the bunnies :), we just don't like the taste of fondant so much.

    @ Selba - Yes, I used edible lustre dust to brush the flowers, and for the bunnies I used non-shimmer dust, can be very handy if you don't want to knead the fondant with food colouring.

    @Noobcook - Hehe, thanks:). Actually I have shown some pics of my bunnies before in my previous posts, but it's a good idea. I will post another picture of my bunnies to compare ;) - but just to warn you, my real bunnies look even cuter!

  10. Happy B'Day to your hubby yah !
    duh itu kue n hiasannya bgs amat , he22

  11. Beautiful cake...Fondant cakes usually look beautiful, but I never like to eat them, sugar, sugar and sugar without ending.....
    How did you do that piggley? I surely can't do that...another reason I don't do fondant cake, because I have a problem to make those little sweet things to decorate the cake. Any trick?

  12. @Veny - Makasih ya, nanti aku sampein:)

    @ Angie - I don't like fondant either, I find it too sweet. I just use fondant to make cute figurines. So, normally after the cake is cut, I just put aside the fondant layer. To be true I don't really have any trick to make those figurines - just imagine that fondant is playdough and have fun shaping it like we're children again. But surely some sugarcraft tools might help and make your cake looks prettier. Take a look at this German online shop if you're interested: http://www.torten-kram.de/

  13. Happy belated birthday to your husband! The cake is gorgeous. Well done! The real bunnies are adorable, BTW.

  14. Oh..i love how you decorate the cake,so cute!!! and my kids love your bunnies so so much!! If I was your neighbour I think my kids will go over your place to cuddle them...lol~

  15. sin, itu cetakan namanya bagus yah. Cetakannya namanya apa sin? Trus bisa beli di internet ga yah? .... huahahaahh ampun deh pertanyaan gue. Intinya mah gue pengen beli itu cetakan nama nya itu...huehehehe

  16. @ Belzy - Bel, itu cetakan nama kalo gak salah namanya 'Funky Alphabet'. Coba sebentar aku cari dulu... Ketemu nih di Amazon. Coba follow link ini: http://www.amazon.com/Upper-Alphabet-Number-Tappit-Cutters/dp/B002INR2OE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=home-garden&qid=1298535754&sr=8-1

  17. huaaaa thank you darling!! daku segera meluncur ke amazon :)