A German Breakfast

Today's is the 3rd of October, a public holiday in here, since it's the German Reunification Day. I doubt that this day means a lot to most Germans nowadays, however this day is a quite special day for me because the 3rd of October was the day when I first got to know my husband. It's been ages ago....! We started as friends and a few years later we started going out. The fact that now we're husband and wife is actually quite weird and funny in a way. Well, however, just to celebrate this day, which also coincides with the German reunification day, I decided to have something German - a quite typical German breakfast : Brötchen (rolls) with an assortment of Schinken (hams) and Wurst ( sausages). There are of course many types of hams and sausages in Germany and I would love to show them all, unfortunately we're only a household of two so it's quite impossible and absurd to buy too many sorts of sausages and hams - they would have gone bad before we've had the chance to eat them.

I used to think it weird and boring, just eating plain rolls with sausages or hams. But I think it's really a matter of getting used to it. After some time I grew to love this kind of breakfast - although I do like variation. If it's just a roll with one type of ham or sausage, then I would still find it not that very appetising.

Left: rote Wurst (red sausage), Frühstuckschinken (breakfast smoked ham) and Gyros Schinkenbraten (cooked ham, Gyros flavour).
Right: Slices of cooked egg, rote Wurst and Leberwurst

One of my favourite toppings for my rolls is called Leberwurst - it's a liver paté mixed with different types of herbs. You can see it pictured on the right handside, next to the salami-looking sausage.

That's it for now... For lunch I intend to make "four-flavour dumplings". Well, let's hope that it's going to be a success, so that I can also blog about it ;-)!

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  1. Congratulations!!! I know how you feel, my hubby and I met October 18th and it always have been a special day for us! Your breakfast looks great, it is very similar to what we would serve in Poland as well.

  2. 3rd October is also Mooncake or Mid Autumn Festival in Chinese culture. Enjoy your weekend :)

  3. You really make me drooling and also miss Germany!!! :)

    Love leberwurst too!

  4. Kuning telurnya 'kuning' sekali ya, di Indonesia cuma telur ayam kampung yg bisa spt itu :D

  5. Sinta
    gw suka banget semua sosis2 German kae gitu , mau type apapun .
    ngiler banget he222

  6. gosh! i love prosciutto and all types of salumi!! Fantastic meal to start a day. In Italy, the people only have a piece of pastry with a cup of coffee. too simple to me! :)

  7. @ Slywia - I can imagine that the dishes in Poland are in a way quite similar to the dishes in Germany... I have never eaten something Polish though, but I am sure there are a lot of interesting and delicious Polish dishes absolutely worth a try.

    @Cookingpractice - We normally only have this kind of breakfast during the weekend (and with less varieties), during the weekday my breakfast is extremely boring, just a slice of bread with one type of ham/sausage - no time to prepare for fancy breakfast as I always have to dash to work every morning...:(!

  8. @Selba - Then you maybe should visit Germany again one day:)! In which part of Germany did you use to live before?

  9. That's quite a feast! Look forward to your dumplings post ;)