Five Recipes to Celebrate Easter

I was invited to join an Easter party by Lyndsey - The Tiny Skillet, Lena - Frozen Wings and Cheah - No Frills Recipe. Rules of the game: suggest 5 - 10 recipes with pictures plus the links and then tag another 10 bloggers to do the same. So here is my Easter menu taken from my old posts :

Appetiser: Graupensuppe - German Barley Soup

Dessert 2: Easter Cookies

These Easter cookies are decorated with royal icing and the patterns are hand-painted. I don't have a link to this picture because I made these cookies before I started blogging.

The 10 people I would like to invite to the Easter Party are:
  1. Mokiko from Oiishi Bento Blog
  2. Nami from Just One Cookbook
  3. Minnieh from Food is Delish
  4. Parsley Sage from The Deep Dish
  5. Tamara from Bite My Cake
  6. Coraine from Life is Like a Long Journey
  7. Min from Honest Vanilla
  8. Yummy Chunklet from Yummy Chunklet
  9. XinMei from Pudding Pie Lane
  10. Adora's Box from Adora's Box

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  1. I love your bunny cake! Thanks for the Easter party invite!

  2. This is a great menu! Thanks for joining you got three invites...hehe :D Your cookies are gorgeous, glad you shared even though you don't have a link. You are an artist with so much talent! The German Barley Soup has wonderful color, and looks yummy! I gotta love the main course bento parade!

  3. the hand painted easter eggs are exquisite, great work!

  4. Wonderful menu! 2 desserts? That's my kind of party :) The cake and cookies look absolutely superb! Happy Easter to you. Have a nice day.

  5. Awesome menu! I'm gonna try to whip out an Easter menu but considering I only have 9 recipes posted so far... ;)

  6. Your blog is so fresh and sweet. That Easter bento box is wonderful! My daughter loves bubble tea. That bunny cake is incredible.

  7. Thanks for joining us, CG. You're an amazing cook, baker and very artistic!

  8. The German barley soup... I LOVE comfort food like this, in fact, I love German and French food most! Happy Easter!

  9. Love your butterfly cookies...too gorgeous!

  10. Hey, thanks for the link! I really wanted to join in, but the thing is, I couldn't find 5 recipes to make an Easter menu! I'd love to join in next time though, when I've blogged a bit more :)

    I love your Easter cookies, they are very nicely decorated :)

  11. Hi CG! I'm relatively new to your website, and I start to wonder... is this your hobby?!?!??!?! I mean, you have such a great talent and I would be surprised if you are doing this just for fun... I'm totally impressed by your work every single day and that's really amazing.

  12. @ Nami - Thank you for always being so sweet :). Yes, cooking is simply a hobby of mine, or should I better say 'designing and decorating food'? I love good food, but I love making pretty food too, but I definitely still have a LOT to learn...!

  13. bellissima la torta...i coniglietti sono perfetti e le farfalle intorno sono delicatissime...complimenti davvero!!!!
    a presto,

  14. I love your Easter food list ;) so good!!!