Panda & Mameshiba Bento


I have been feeling quite under the weather for a few days. I almost decided to skip bentoing this weekend and thought that I should just lie in bed the whole day and have some rest. But in the end my urge to prepare a cute bento meal won ;).

This time I made Mameshiba and Panda faces which are made out of goat cheese. Use a round cookie cutter to make the round faces, nori for facial details, chili sauce for the red cheeks and edamame for Mameshiba's ears.

The side dishes include pan-fried gyoza, pan-fried meat patties, cherry tomatoes, edamame, cocktail shrimps and mandarin and grapes for dessert.

As you can see in the photo above, there is also a matching panda fork that comes with this bento. I got this fork from Bento USA. I love the fact that the fork also comes with a matching panda case, which I find very practical - no need to wrap my fork with napkin anymore...!

This panda fork is currently on sale and costs US$5.99. If you are a panda lover, you should have this fork in your collection :)!

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  1. Sehr süß, wie immer <3 Nur die Gyoza seh ich nicht XD Vlt sehr dunkel geworden?

  2. Cute bento


  3. SO. CUTE. Your talent for Bento knows no bounds!

  4. Wow, when I'm feeling ill, it's about all I can do to tap in an order on or something :D I hope you're feeling better soon CG, not that your sickness has in any way affected your incredible bento skills :)

    I know a colleague who'd just love that fork as well :D I'll let him know about it ;)

  5. Hello !!!! Your bento is sooo nice !!!! I love Mameshiba, they are just too cute, hahah ! Yours are very well done ! Plus, you have combined with another of my favorites animals: PANDA ! It's too much cuteness to handle, hahah ! I love the fork as well, unfortunately BentoUSA seems a little too far for me to order.. I never think of making little rice balls for my bentos, i should try !! I often want to, but I always end up doing something else. It's sad because it would look great on the blog !! I hope one day, i can do pandas and mameshibas that are as beautiful as yours !!!! <3 Thank you for your post !

  6. This is so cute! And the Panda cutlery - aww! :D

  7. your panda and mameshiba are definitely adorable. Take care, dear :)

  8. I love mameshiba and I remember I have discovered them thanks to your lovely bentos!
    The panda fork is cute and so practical. I love it!

  9. I have exact shape bento box throughout my highschool years and even one day I didn't have this kind of cute bento... I am afraid my kids are going to go through same experience... UNLESS I make changes! I better start taking notes from you!