Smiling Tomatoes Bento


This is a quick and simply lunch with steamed rice topped with mini pan-fried tonkatsu which is drizzled with tonkatsu sauce - I know, I should practise drizzling the sauce better ;).

The two smiling cherry tomatoes are the only cute effect in this bento. If you want to recreate these smiling tomatoes at home, you could have a look at my Elmo tutorial - it's basically the same thing...

Some of the side dishes include tamagoyaki (filled with imitation crab and green onions), a piece of radish with a new carving design (I was getting bored with the usual 'star' design :)), a small portion of crab salad with mayo/wasabi dressing, half a boiled egg and a few bite-sized pieces of kiwi and strawberries.

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  1. so cute


  2. Oh my gosh....beautiful! Love those smiling tomatoes. I should make for all those who have a bad day .....haha

  3. I love how beautiful your boxes are!!!!! :)

  4. You are so good at making sable expression on tomato's face!!