Spaghetti & Tamagoyaki Bento


Have you missed seeing my traditional bento :)? I know that charaben is not for everyone and it is certainly not really meant for grown ups (well, I guess for special occasion it's fine...), but most of the time the child in me needs to satisfy the urge to create something cute, thus the crazy amount of charabens in my blog. I do nevertheless also like to make traditional and more adult-oriented bentos. In fact, most of the bento boxes I own are very elegant and traditional-looking rather than cute, I just like to fill these boxes with cute and pretty things :D).

As you can see, the bento box contains quite various side dishes. The highlight of this bento box is Spaghetti with Mussels and Shrimps seasoned with XO sauce (the recipe is coming soon). I also made tamagoyaki filled with Habanero chili peppers, which I think turned out quite pretty! The sides include kimchi, carrot and cucumber pickles and creamy crab/cabbage salad.

And it's almost Easter.... I have to get some ideas for cute Easter-themed bentos :)!!

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  1. yay..your tamagoyaki is perfect :)
    and the spaghetti looks yummy...

  2. I love your beautiful tamagoyaki. I plan on posting how to make it on Friday... =) NOT like your beautiful one though just basic stuff. ;-) Delicious bento as always!

  3. I just love all your bentos, whether charaben or elegant like this one. Always full of color and delight. Perfect!

  4. I look forward to your Easter ideas, in the meantime I have mentioned you here


  5. So many delicious dishes in just one bento! Your tamagoyaki looks fantastic and I love the elegant pattern on your chopsticks.

  6. Love everything in this bento, CG! Your tamagoyaki looks very beautiful!