Angry Birds Bento


Everyone seems to be crazy about Angry Birds... and I never understood it...I always thought, what's so cool about them? They don't even look that great. But hey, some weeks ago I saw my husband playing Angry Birds with his Ipad and I said, "Those are the crazy, stupid birds I have seen everywhere I go...!" ;). From that day on, I have been playing Angry Birds on my Ipad too and now I find them quite cool - and so, the Angry Birds bento...:).

The idea to use Babybel cheese to make the red Angry Birds is stolen from this website :). It was however my own idea to use cucumber to make the green pig, but I think I have to work on making the pig look more presentable...

The black bento box contains pan-fried chicken karaage, tamagoyaki, cherry tomatoes and carrot pickles. The two yellow flowers are made out of cheese.

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  1. Haha, I love it! What a great idea to use cucumber too. I love Angry Birds and go really addicted to it - I spent all of my lectures playing instead of listening to the teacher :S So I had to delete the game from my iPhone! Lol!
    By the way - I really like the paper you use in the background of all of your photos. Where do you get them from? :)

  2. Wow - that is absolutely adorable! I'm a fan of Angry Birds, so this one is tons of fun!

  3. Perfect!! I'll need to do the same with the babybel sometimes!!!


  4. so smooth!
    love it so much, Sin :)

  5. Dein Bento ist grenzgenial! :D

  6. Adorable!! Mine would definitely not turn out this cute!

  7. Cute bento, Tiffany likes Babybel cheese too.