Totoro Sushi Bento


Have you watched the beautiful animation My Neighbour Totoro? My blogging friend, Nami from Just One Cookbook adores Totoro and she recommended me to watch the film. I finally did a few months ago and Nami was totally right, Totoro is a great film and the animation is super!

I hope this Totoro bento will put a smile to all Totoro fans out there...:)!

The Totoro sushi is pretty simple to make. The white part is normal sushi rice and the grey part is rice coloured with toasted ground black sesame seeds. The whiskers are soba noodles and the eyes and nose are made out of nori and cheese.

The sides include fried breaded shrimps, cherry tomatoes, tamagoyaki and pan fried mini pork cutlets coated with almond meal.

And no, those are no real cupcakes ;). They're cupcake shaped salt and pepper shakers, aren't they sweet :)?

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  1. aww.. this is so cute! thanks for sharing how to make Totoro Sushi!

  2. My family is a huge fan of Totoro & we've watched it many times. It's one of the greatest Japanese animation. I'm falling head over heels with this bento!

  3. Totoro Totoro~~~(singing)! Arhh so cute!!! I'm not sure if I can eat this, CG (ahem, who said it's mine?) cute! My kids adore Totoro and even requested to watch on iPad on the way to Japan (in 12 hrs!). We are big Totoro fan family...minus my husband. Haha. Thank you for the shoutout! You are so sweet. Great job on making this bento. Pinterest is not working... hoping to pin when I can next time. =)

  4. I love the delicate grey colouring of the rice with the toasted sesame seeds - what a great, delicious and natural way to colour the rice. I love the ears - they look really fragile... did they break easily or were they quite sturdy?

  5. awwwwww the mini totoros are so adorable!

  6. Love the totoro bento, could you make one for Tiffany? :)

  7. Hi CG, love your totoro bento box, i like to make bento but i can not decorate as you (T_T)