Mini Panda & Little Chick Bento


CasaBento sent me these three mini animal sauce containers some time ago. They are pretty damn cute, aren't they :)? My bento today is modeled after these lovely containers. I actually wanted to make a mini quail egg piglet as well, but I wasn't able to fit in the piglet container in my bento box, so I just ended up making two quail egg pandas and one quail egg chick.

As you can see I also used lots of animal food picks in my bento box. They can make a huge difference to your bento, without those picks my bento wouldn't look as festive :).

I had rice sprinkled with seaweed furikake, chicken teriyaki and black beans seasoned with soy sauce, imitation crab wrapped in omelet, blanched broccoli, carrot stars and a small portion of sliced strawberries.

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  1. Super cute! I like how you create the characters with the sauce containers!

  2. So kawaii and your bento makes me hungry too!

  3. I am speechless from the kawaiiness of this O_O Brava!