Fungky Penguins Bento


Hey everyone :)! Recently I got to know purple carrots which have wonderfully deep violet tint. I loved to include purple potatoes in my bento in the past, but I haven't been able to find them so far in Australia, at least around where I live, that's why I was so happy when I found purple carrots in a local supermarket some time ago, as they're such great substitute for purple potatoes. 

This time I used purple water (which I got after boiling a few slices of purple carrots) to colour my quail egg penguins a funky bluish violet. I added nori eyes, cheese beaks, ham cheeks (radish cheeks for the middle penguin) and hat-shaped food picks to make the penguins look somewhat cooler ;).

The sides are very simple: ham and salami flowers, one piece of carved radish, two pieces of cherry tomatoes, two butterfly carrots sitting on top of an eggyolk and a rose shaped takuan (pickled radish) - as you can see, not much cooking involved, as lately I have been too lazy to cook much at all (maybe you have noticed that the size of my bentos is getting smaller and I don't include that much food variety in my bento boxes anymore as in the past).

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  1. I have not seen purple carrots!!
    The quail eggs was so cute!

  2. the colors are awesome!!!!!!!! so so cute too! love this

  3. so pretty! I especially love the penguins!

  4. I've been looking for purple carrot seeds here but it results zero. I could only found the seeds of the yellow one. The penguins are sooo cute, and I think smaller portion is better hehehehe *yang lagi diet cari temen :D