Salmon & Prawn Tempura Maki Sushi


I have been craving for some sushi for a longer time and I knew that I wouldn't be able to sleep well tonight if I didn't get it today ;). I don't usually make sushi with raw salmon at home and I always let the professional sushi chefs do this job for me. One reason is because I don't really like to deal with fish in the kitchen and another reason is because I know that the sushi chefs can do it better than me :).

Strangely enough I got this urge to make sushi with raw salmon today. So I bought frozen salmon this morning, defrosted it and then cut it into long strips. I had to wear rubber gloves though, because I knew that I if I didn't I would have the imaginary feelings that my hands smelled like fish and in the end I would feel nauseated and refuse to eat the sushi ;). I am weird, I know...;)!

I was quite happy with the maki sushi, even the salmon maki tasted great. If you want to have my sushi recipe you can click this link here.

Nami from Just One Cookbook wrote a great post about prawn tempura with step-by-step pictures and instructions. I used instant tempura flour this time, but if you want to make tempura from scratch, do visit her site, it's worth it!

That's it for now. Nighty night, everyone :)!

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  1. Wow, CG! Amazing Makizushi!!! You put a lot of ingredients but all of them are tightly rolled - very impressive work! I wish we're eating this for dinner tonight. My kids started to eat raw fish (or more like I started to let them eat) and now their #1 favorite is Ikura and salmon. It's just like me. So weird they already have preference. Thanks for the mention! :-)

  2. Que rico todo, esto es una delicia.


  3. i love this sushi post! i made some too (korean style) over the weekend, but didn't get it to be as pretty as yours! love how yours is stuffed fully!

  4. Omg; it looks fantastic as always!!! Looks like there's enough for me too!

  5. CG, I'm going crazy over all your sushi here! I've made my own version of sushi also but not with all the raw ones too bcoz I've the same concept. I don't wanna get any food poisonings if they're not fresh enough and I'm the only one who knows to appreciate sashimi (salmon's my fav). Until now, I still feel the same way although I've the urge to do it whenever I see any salmons when doing marketing. :P
    I'd tried Nami's shrimp tempura twice already (with instant tempura flour) and we love it so much! ;D

    Hope you've a great day!

  6. Goodnight to you, and me, late in New Zealand now, I am off to bed, but not before my compliments on another great spread :-).


  7. I do have violent cravings for sushi sometimes too! Yours look so perfectly done!!

  8. You are really made me drooling now!! Wish I live close to you! I will knock on your door! :)

  9. I love making sushi and noodles at home too. Your setting are especially pretty....I'm drooling over all of your creations.

  10. delicious looking sushi presentation

  11. I make maki rolls very often, but never with raw fish (I'm afraid I wouldn't know how to choose it... not to mention the freshness), but your wonderful maki make me think I should maybe try it one day... Although my maki will never ever look even half as good.