Little Seals Bento


The little seals don't really look like seals, don't you think? I forgot to add some whiskers ;). The seals are made out of fish balls and as usual, the eyes, nose and lips are made out of nori.

I had two pieces of shiu mai and chicken cordon bleu on top of a bed cabbage and carrot salad.

I have been watching Korean drama for a few weeks and got quite hooked *uuppss* ;), that's why I have not been so active in the blogging world. The ones I have watched so far are 'Personal Preference' and 'City Hunter' and at the moment I am watching 'Boys over Flower'. Korean drama can be long-winded and sometimes even annoying but it's got its own charm too and yes, the actor Lee Min Ho is sooo cute... ;)!! I don't usually mind much about male actors, or even men in general but he is really quite charming ;).

Happy weekend, everyone :)!

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  2. That's adorable! Is there a recipe for this?

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  3. I think they look like seals :) Very cuto! And thanks for the tip about the Korean drama, my step-mom is Korean and she's always looking for new shows to get on DVD

  4. Loved the seals. They look so cute. I must salute the creativity of yours that you prepare so many bentos with so much craftswomanship. Great piece of work.

  5. I do think they look like seals- cute little baby ones! :)

  6. I love to follow your blog. Your blog are so beautiful & professional look. Hope you can share more detail on how to make your flower (look like ham)arrangement. Tks

  7. Cute seals and great idea using fish balls for these! ;)
    Oh, I used to love watching Korean dramas before having my youngest gal! I can watched non-stopped thru-out the night after work, slept few hrs and went to work again for at least 3 days consecutively! Ö
    My fav is Stairway to Heaven and I love the actor, Kwon Sang Woo and actress Choi Ji-woo! I even bought the whole DVD set to keep! ;D