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I told you some time ago that I have been watching some Korean drama series and the last one I've watched is 'Boys over Flowers' - a drama series based on the Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango. I have to admit the story line is quite cheesy but it's addictive! Probably this is because I am actually simply a crazy romantic at heart ;).

One thing that caught my eyes in the series was the lunch box meals the main character made for her boyfriend. In Korean it's called Doshirak, which is basically the Korean version of Japanese bento boxes.

Source: beasia

The doshirak made by Jan Di, the main character in 'Boys over Flowers' for her boyfriend, Goo Joon Pyo.

I tried to imitate Jan Di's doshirak today for fun :). As you can see yourself, mine doesn't look too similar to the one in the film, because my rolled omelet doesn't look as good and I didn't have broccoli for the greens and I wasn't sure either what exactly are in Jan Di's doshirak, such as the smiley face and the rolled thingies.

There are supposed to be three lunch boxes shown in the drama but I could only see two of them, that's why for the third lunch box I filled it with Korean Fried Chicken and the recipe is of course adapted from the highly popular website of Maangchi.

Box 1: Rolled omelet with seaweed, pan-fried wiener sausages, rolled ham/cheese/carrot/cucumber sticks, cherry tomatoes, parsley

Box 2: Goo Joon Pyo shaped rice, parsley and quail eggs

Box 3: Korean Fried Chicken, parsley, lettuce and mandarin

I hope you enjoy this slightly different bento of mine. If you like 'Boys Over Flowers', I hope you'll enjoy seeing this bento/doshirak too :)!

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  1. Hi dear Cooking, these look sooo cute!! I love too the little rolls!!and the eggs! gloria

  2. I heard about that dram and how popular it is, you should send the producers the photos of your bento :-). I often do the rolled omelet with the nori, it is so effective and everybody loves it.

    And I really like your rolled up veggies too with cheese and ham, but since I am a vegetarian I don't eat ham, do you have any suggestion on what to use instead?


  3. I love all your pretty bentos! That's a lot of work!

  4. wow...u r amazing..
    wat a tasty n healthy preparation..:)

    Tasty Appetite

  5. wow wow wow that is realy nice! I wished I was also such this bento gotten for my work :-)
    realy tasty

  6. Que cosas tan bonitas haces.


  7. Even at my,ahem,age, I am still a hopeless romantic and have watched this show twice :-)
    I thought of making this bento for dear hubby, but don't know how to do the hair, which he does not have much. Sigh !

  8. Wow...thats a wonderful !!!! Slurrp!!

  9. Mannnn.........neat banget sin. I like! :)

  10. I love the facial expressions you always make. They look so real and alive! =)

  11. The big face bento looks very original and I would say exactly like the one on the photo! Congratulations! You are incredibly skilled.

  12. I actually like yours more. This lady kinda looks like my mom! Lol.....

  13. I was just running down your site (after seeing your gorgeous Totoro bento) and saw this! I never thought of really using "real" characters and making them into rice like this. And I love your little egg and how neat they are. I think I could make something like this for my little vegan bentos too! ^^

  14. hey! mind teaching me how to do that bento? I really wanted to make one. :D

  15. Oh, my! I've been watching Boys over Flowers and loved Jan Di lunch. I searched up Korean Lunches and yours was one of them. I recognized Jun Pyo's face.hahahah...So cute! Nice job!