Little Chicks in Nappies Bento


I had noticed that I have quite a lot of cookie/bento cutters which I hardly ever use. Since I didn't really know what to make anyway, I decided to experiment with my cutters and the little chicks in nappies bento is the result.

The chicks are made from gouda cheese, the beaks and the feet are from carrot, the hair and the eyes from nori, the red cheeks from chili sauce and the nappies from goat cheese.

The two mini umbrellas are made out of cucumber, decorated with goat cheese and nori.

The branch of the tree is from nori and the leaves from cucumber and the two mini hearts are from radish.

The other bento box is filled with store-bought fried shrimps coated with potato noodles, homemade ebi fry and Korean-style stir-fried chicken with green peppers.

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  1. Beeeauuuutifuuuul!!!! Cute chicks in nappies and I love the two umbrellas! Look a little like froggies with eyes! Too awesome!!!

  2. @Lyn - thank you :-) . I had the same thought about the the umbrellas looking like little froggies...! I think I will make a frog'themed Bento tomorrow :-) .

  3. You're not only good at making dim sums and your bento looks very pretty too! Thumbs UP!!

  4. beautiful bento,love the ingredients,thank you for sharing

  5. Oh these are so cute, I just love them!!!


  6. Wow, how long did it take to create this bento. It is breathtaking. Almost too pretty to eat.

  7. love the little chicks in diapers! such a creative idea!

  8. Gosh, these are soooooooo cute! I want, I want! hahaha!