Mameshiba Bento


I am amazed by how productive I have been (in the kitchen, that is) this week despite of not having any holidays...:-)! I even made 3 bento lunches today ;)!! This Mameshiba bento was the first one I made, I also made another more traditional one for my husband and the third one was a simple bento I created just for fun - but I'll save these two other bentos for another post :).

I have made a Mameshiba bento in the past. If you want to know what Mameshiba is, you can read it in my previous bento post featuring Mameshiba here.

I really like the little flowers with the little yellow birds - things you can do with cookie cutters...!! The flowers and birds are from cheese by the way, and the red dots are from chili sauce.

The other bento box is filled with chicken teriyaki, tamagoyaki, kimchi gyoza and salad.

Before I end this post, I would like to say thank you to Arudhi from A Box of Kitchen for passing me the Versatile Blogger Award :)!! She's got many beautiful recipes in her blog, do pay her a visit, it's worth it :D)!

I have just recently written 7 things about myself - so please hop over here if you're interested to read it :).

Till next time!!

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  1. I love these cutes bentos!!!! love them ! gloria

  2. So cute! I love the little rainbow bears. (Okay, they're not bears but LIKE bears!).

  3. The kids really like mameshiba now, if I show them this (and i will) they will ask to watch some more mameshiba cartoons, and eat some edamame :-). And maybe make mameshiba onigiri???? Thank you for the cute bento ideas.


  4. Ah wie süß <3 Auch die kleine Küken-Deko ist supi *___*

  5. the colourful mameshiba balls sure got my attention here!

  6. Love love love the colorful mameshiba!!!

  7. Dear can you teach how you cook the rice ball in so many colors?

  8. omgggg madnesss!!! too cuteee

  9. Oh, I have almost missed mameshiba bento! It reminds me the first time you talked about mameshiba and how weird they seemed to me (I mean as characters!). I still think I miss something with mameshiba, but strangely love watching them on youtube. It's addictive.

  10. Did you just say you made 3 bentos? Are you serious!? You are amazing! Mameshiba is cute!