Snoopy Bento


Today is slightly colder and windier than the last few days but I can see and feel that spring is definitely on its way. I am so glad that it doesn't get dark so soon as it used to be some weeks ago, it means a lot to me that I still can enjoy the sunlight when I am home from work :).

Today's character is Snoopy which I am sure most of you are familiar with. How old is Snoopy already? I seem to have known him as long as I can remember...! Oh, I just checked it out, he's from the 1950s, no wonder...;)!

I have to say that Snoopy is one of the easiest characters I have made so far. The three little Snoopies which are made out of goat cheese were cut out manually with a kitchen knife but the facial details were punched out with a nori puncher. They are sitting on top of a slice of German Pumpernickel bread.

The two bigger Snoppies are rice balls (onigiri) which I shaped by hands with a plastic wrap. For these two Snoopies, I had to cut out the facial details manually, since I only have mini nori punchers which are mainly used for decorating quail eggs.

The side dishes include two pieces of chicken nuggets, boiled egg, cherry tomato, a piece of radish and and a piece of strawberry.

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  1. The Snoopies are perfect. I think it's the first time I see them in your bentos, but I hope not the last one :-)

  2. I have been following your posts for a long time and they are all so awesome! But I can never be as creative. Sigh!

  3. so many Snoopy! hehe.. cute one!

  4. I love Snoopy too...especially yours...:D

  5. cool! so eye catching. i remember snoopy when i was a kid i always watch it hihi.

  6. Love your Snoopy with the blue little hat! Your bento always so cute and eye catching :)

  7. Super cute, and I love Snoopy!


    I have a video tutorial where my daughter make royal icing flowers, it is very short, come and have a look please, I think that you will like it!

  8. Oh I used to love Snoopy (I still do, but forgot about it haha)!!! CG, you've been working really hard with new characters! I love it!

  9. I love the dessert! Great job on snoopy, you are such an artist!

  10. if found this cute blog wee..
    very impressive :)

  11. I used to like Snoopy - sitting on the top of his kennel all day :D Love this - so beautifully made, I love the radish too... so intricately carved. We don't often have that shape radish here. Usually it's the longer ones we get which are a mix of deep red and creamy white.

  12. @ Sissi - I might make more Snoopies in the future because Snoopy is not very complicated to make, would save me time :)!

    @ The Experimental Cook - Thank you :)! I am sure you could do the same, I also needed practice and patience in the beginning...;)

    @ Sheri, Bobo, Mommy Yenny, Kim and Lia - many thanks for you your kind words :)!

    @ Alessandra - I'll drop by your blog and check out the video, thank you for letting me know about this :)!

    @ Nami - Thanks Nami :)! I think Snoopies would make people feel somehow nostalgic, looking at how old the character is...

    @ Mari and May - thank you :)!

    @ Charles - We have this kind of radish almost everywhere here luckily, because I really like its shape and colour :).

  13. so cute, i want to see more post from you.

  14. this is adorable. i love snoopy :-)

  15. Hi CG! It's been very long since I last visited. Yeah... I'm busier and had lessen my online time now to pay more attention to both my girls, especially that the younger girl is in formal sch. Well, I'm actually feeling so much 'healthier' this way (thou I feel sad that I couldn't keep up with my own blog as well as all my favorite blogs).

    Love all of your new creations as always! Can't wait to see your next snoopy design! ;)

    Take care and have a great weekend! ^^

  16. I grew up with Snoopy! Your bento is adorable!