Bashful Bears Bento


I made another bento today :). The little teddy bears are made out of deli meat (turkey) and they are sitting on top of mini cheese and nori sandwiches. I used a few bento cutters I got from Daiso to make the bears and I think they turn out pretty cute :).

The other bento box contains two tatami onigiris filled with fried egg and chicken/mushroom bulgogi, lettuce, cherry tomatoes and fried fishcakes, plus a piece of  carved radish.

I'll try to make one bento per week from now on, so stay tuned and see you next week :)!

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  1. yay... look forward to your next ones... cute bears! Sylvo

  2. Oh gosh... those bears were so kawaii!! I'm curious about the colour of the deli turkey meats, did you marinate with food colour?

  3. @ Sylvo - thanks for your support, Syl :)

    @ Karen - I didn't colour the deli turkey meat at all, it's whitish in colour already when I bought it :). The pink cheeks are from radish and the inner ears are made out of ham.

  4. Oppps....because from the photo I saw at my PC was a little light blue for bear head and body :p Sorry for the mistaken ^_^ Thanks CG! Still kawaii looking bears :)

  5. Wow, these are soo cute!! Love them! I'm just starting to make bentos and it's such fun :)